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Neon Energy Drink Recipes For The Mixologist In You

Neon Energy Drink Recipes For The Mixologist In You

NEON Energy Drink Altairia International Reviews Neon Light

Let Your Life Glow With Natural Neon Energy Drink

March 10, 2014NEON Newsaltairia energy drink, Altairia International, neon energy drink, neon energy drink ingredients, neon energy drink reviews

We are always mixing up new Neon energy drink recipes and creations!  This pure, natural energy drink tastes great with tequila, vodka, champagne and makes a great mixer for almost any concoction you want to mix up!  Best part about this healthy and 100% natural energy drink is that it contains prickly pear which helps prevent hangovers by helping your body metabolize alcohol.  NOTE: We are not giving you reason to overdo it BUT if you do the prickly pear in Neon can be a life saver.

A Toast To Neon Energy Drink Recipes:

The GLOWMOSA:  For the Mimosa drinkers out their who want a knew socially acceptable breakfast drinkthe Glowmosa tastes fabulous!  Simply mix Neon energy drink and your favorite champagne 50/50 & enjoy!

Gives any champagne zing!  Rememberif you are drinking in the dark, turn on your black light and enjoy a GLOWmosa! (NEON glows under a black light)

NEON CANDY:  All we can say is YUM!  The perfect drink for any sweetie.  Fill your tumbler with ice, 1/2oz Blue Curacoa, 1oz Stoli-Razz, 1/2 oz Madori and top with Neon!  Or you can shake and pour over ice.

This on really glows under a black light and all the night clubs love the orders flowing in.  Everyone wants their drink to glowright?

Glow Shots: This one takes a little work but its well worth the party!

Take 1 packet of gelatin, heat 1 can of Neon energy drink and mix gelatin in.  Make your favorite jello flavor with your favorite vodka or clear alcohol and fill your shot cups 1/2 way with that then top them off with the Neon jello.  Let cool and set.  Then pass them out for everyone to Glow!

How about a Neon Navel?  1 1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps, juice of 1 fresh squeezed orange, & 2-3oz Neon Energy Drink, shake and pour over ice!  No picture yet but give it a try and send us one!

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Be sure to comment and share your Neon energy drink recipes so the rest of us can enjoy them too.

Cheers to a very bright & tasty future.  By the way, we are Neon Team GLObal and we invite you to contact us for more information about how you can promote Neon energy drink!  Talk soon.

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